Grow in Spirit
Grow in Spirit

Yoga & Original Strength: The Evolution of the Soul

We were born with a supreme, inner intelligence which we tuned into naturally when we were babies.  Through this intelligence, which is hard-wired into our nervous system, we taught ourselves how to breathe, look, roll, rock, crawl, walk, and even to think and reason.  Spiritual qualities of love, compassion, and unselfishness came to us naturally.  Somewhere along our journey, we can lose part of this foundation of reflexive movement and thought. Original strength movements which are often referred to as “resets” instantly reset our nervous system back into its natural, peaceful state – at the speed of our nervous system.  

During classes in Yoga & Original Strength we will explore the five fundamental movement patterns which are located within the human nervous system, alongside fundamental healing thought patterns outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  Using principles of Original Strength which have been practiced by yogis for thousands of years, we will explore yoga postures and breathing techniques built upon these basic patterns.  Compassion, love, and non-judgement will become our tools in working with our innate inner-intelligence as we explore reflexive strength, inner-healing, and an inwardly focused experience of uncovering the building blocks of yoga postures from within.  

Cost: TBD

Astral Journey Meditation

Learning to trust one’s intuition can often be the most difficult part of learning how to develop and use higher perceptions in a practical way for the best and highest good of oneself and others.  

During Astral Journey Meditation, students participate actively and verbally in small group meditation sessions.  Together, we will form a collective consciousness as we share what we each see and experience with our inner intuition, (3rd eye). 

Students gain meaningful and grounded spiritual experience while developing trust in what they see within their own mind.  Participants are often amazed that someone from the group verbalized their own inner experience before they shared it aloud.  Conversely, a student who may doubt their own abilities or feel they “just can’t see it” often finds themselves quickly seeing what others described as they immediately begin to navigate through their own journey with their inner senses awakened, initiated into the astral experience through simply being part of a collective consciousness immersed in the activity.

Open to groups of 2-4 participants, by appointment or drop-in.

Cost: TBD

Front Line Workers - Free

This free class, open to all front-line workers and first responders will share natural and holistic techniques to stay safe during unsafe and unnatural working conditions, which can even be practiced on the job.  Topics to be shared and discussed will include boosting immunity naturally, managing stress levels, breathing efficiently and effectively, and moving the way you were meant to move. 

No prior experience is required.     

Cost: FREE

Yoga Nidra: The Art and Practice of Consciousness & Meditation

The timeless practice of Yoga Nidra allows practitioners of all ages and levels to experience groundedness, well-being, healing and peace, through the practice of deep relaxation and welcoming what challenges us with awareness. Yoga Nidra facilitates the bringing forth of personal intentions, our heartfelt desire and personal beliefs to facilitate a gently guided yet profoundly empowering experience of deep relaxation woven together with states of our own being and consciousness.

Sitting or lying down, with the eyes open or closed, and through progressively using our own mind with a gentle approach, Yoga Nidra guides us through welcoming and sensing into the entirety of our human experience by shifting our attention through our physical bodies, breath, feelings and emotions, thoughts and cognitions, a felt sense of joy, and ultimately to our inherent connection to all life.  Through experiencing these layers, (koshas) through the lens of our own mind, we can experience our consciousness from ordinary wakefulness to welcoming, well-being, witnessing presence, and ultimately, being established as Awareness. 

These shifts of our consciousness facilitate healing and relaxation of all bodily systems from the endocrine, muscular, and circulatory systems to the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Practicing Yoga Nidra facilitates healing and overcoming trauma, false ideas, and deeply held beliefs which we may not have consciously chosen as our own.  It can gently bring forth unconsciously held beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to our conscious mind for understanding and release.  Through Yoga Nidra it is possible to experience the physical body in a state of deep sleep while the mind remains relaxed, yet awake and alert as a witnessing presence to life.

Yoga Nidra is a beloved practice by yoga practitioners of all lineages and traditions, and by laypersons, perhaps because it is though Yoga Nidra alone where we can experience interdependence and solitude, being led while finding our own way, layers of our existence, and how they are each blended with and distinct from the many states of our own individual and collective consciousness. 

Cost: TBD

Breathing Normalization in the Buteyko Breathing Method:
Overcome Health Challenges

Work individually with Ganesh Om, a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner, and learn the principles of the Buteyko Breathing Method as they are tailored to your individual needs according to your current level of health, specific health challenges, and your lifestyle. 

This program is designed to give a strong foundation for overall health, as well as solutions to your breathing difficulties. This eight-week private study course is the most foundational and effective program for health empowerment and improvement of all our breathing courses. 

During this course you will learn how to establish the following:

  • Gentle nasal breathing, during all hours of the day and night
  • Naturally effortless and efficient air consumption, even during physical exercise
  • Decreased or eliminated breathing difficulties
  • Increased energy, mental clarity, oxygenation & quality of sleep 
  • Decreased levels of stress & anxiety
  • A strong foundation for optimal health and longevity

The Breathing Normalization program is appropriate for children and adults who are interested in learning about the Buteyko Breathing Method to improve their breathing and overall health.  Those who wish to overcome breathing challenges are especially welcome to enroll in this course.  All people can benefit their own health and well-being through this training as they learn to breathe peacefully!

This program is two months long and it consists of eight weekly, 90-minute private sessions, daily reports, guidance, and e-mail support after your completion of the program. 

Please register for a free preliminary consultation prior to enrolling in this program.

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Cost: $1,675

A payment plan is available for this program. To begin this program, full or partial payment is required.  Please inquire for further details about this payment plan.