Why Flourish?

How it all began…

Ganesh and I met over 16 years ago and if you had told me our life would be like this now, I would not have believed you. Our journey has been long and with a lot of challenges, but we managed to grow together as friends, best friends, for many, many years. It is this foundation of respect, love, friendship, dedication to service, and overcoming intense obstacles that have allowed Flourish to come into being. 

We have both had the experience of being with abusive people and living under the thumb of someone who is unethical. We learned many things from these situations, including what was the most necessary to get ourselves out…self-love and finding our voices. In spite of the adversity we faced, and because of the deep efficacy of yoga, we still managed to learn and grow spiritually, increasing our desire to share what we have learned in a safe and compassionate environment. We learned what it means to flourish, what is needed to, and how to share it.

So, what does it mean to Flourish?

In my mind, flourishing means being at peace with yourself, moving through life, living your purpose, embodying joy and contentment, loving and supporting others and all beings. 

Over the years I have met so many people lost in jobs they don’t like, searching for why they are here and what they are meant to do. Many people have everything they need, but nothing they really want: peace of mind, contentment, joy, purpose. Everyone has a reason for being here, something only they can bring into the world because of the beautiful, individual light that they are. Fulfilling this purpose brings contentment and peace even in the midst of challenges. The techniques that we offer help clients and students to answer these questions, find what they are looking for in themselves, and deepen and open their connection to others and their place in the world. 

What we offer…

Flourish Wholeness Center offers services to aid in multiple aspects of living: physical exercise (yoga asana), breathing techniques such as Buteyko Breathing, trauma informed yoga therapy for physical and mental issues, meditation for peace and clarity, chanting to calm the mind and open the heart, and many more. 

How it works…

If we look at the body as having layers of experience, as the science of yoga does (they are called koshas), we can direct our efforts and techniques to specific areas of imbalance. These layers are all linked to one another, and thus working in one layer, affects the others. We begin with the physical body. Here we work on building strength and flexibility, a balanced nervous system and brain, and use yoga techniques to help with injury healing and prevention. Yoga asana and Original Strength resets are perfect for working in this layer. Results are improved posture, reduction or elimination of pain, improved sleep and digestion, and a greater feeling of ease in the body.

The next layer is the energy layer or one made of prana. Here we work with the breath and our awareness of the energy moving through our body as circulation, sensation, and even nerve impulses. Low prana means low energy, poor thinking, illness, depression, lethargy, and lack of enthusiasm. All of these things can improve very quickly by changing the amount of prana in our bodies and how it is moving with our breath. Specific, simple breathing practices are given to students and remarkable change comes quickly with regular practice. 


Following the energy body is the mind and its accompanying emotions. By saying mind, we mean our everyday conscious mind with all of its preferences, conceptions, traumas, emotions, and thinking patterns. It is here that we react. It is here that determines how we see the world. It is here that we experience the fleeting joy that comes with sense experiences. It is the filter through which we interact with others and ourselves, most of the time. Mantra, chanting, the study of the mind and its workings, and affirmations all help to reprogram those aspects of this mind that creates obstacles for us in our daily lives.

The intellect or intuition is our broad thinking mind. It sees with discrimination. It is our determination and personal will and power. It is not ruled by emotion. To connect with this aspect of being, we use meditation. Meditation helps to clear away mental distractions so we can feel and experience more subtle aspects of ourselves, i.e. our intuition and Consciousness. Meditation is a large part of what we offer including as part of yoga classes, yoga therapy, kirtan, and Quantum Flo sessions.

The most subtle layer is our layer of bliss. Here we experience deep-seated joy. It is the last thin veil between us as individuals and the Consciousness in Everything. It is still, quiet, knowledge, expansive joy. Learning to dip into this layer through prayer, meditation, gratitude, selfless service, and unconditional love shows us the fleeting nature of our suffering, and encourages us onward in our journey of healing. This joy is the antithesis of depression and anger. They flee in its presence. 

It all comes down to…

The core principle of all our techniques is that our soul is Divine and part of Universal Consciousness. 

What we experience as our bodies, minds, thoughts, emotions, and memories are not the totality of who we are. The Essence of who we are is perfect, knowledgeable, peaceful, infinite and unchanging. Nothing we experience in our lives can sully the purity of this Essence. Everyone is longing for it, but looking in places where they won’t find it…at least not yet. Eventually, we tire of chasing happiness outside and turn our attention inwardly. This is where our work begins. 

Belief in your Self…

However, don’t get us wrong. Flourish offers aid to anyone interested, even if they are not what they would consider as spiritual. Yoga is for everyone. Everyone’s concept of what it means to Flourish is different. It is our firm belief that it is available to everyone if they are willing to put in some effort and have a little faith in themselves, and even if they don’t have it…we do. We believe in you! Faith in yourself is the biggest step in healing. We call it self-efficacy. The belief that you will succeed, that you can meet challenges…belief in yourself. Our techniques help to increase self-efficacy right from the beginning. 

Want to join us? We would love to have you! 


Lakshmi Om