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Grow in Health

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy with Lakshmi Om          

Services offered online and in person at 1143 C Executive Circle #201 Cary Nc 27511
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Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy is a holistic practice designed to bring balance into the body on the physical, breath, mind, emotions, and spirit levels. TIYT is rooted in yoga as well as neuropsychology, stress physiology, and medical biophysics. TIYT works to treat the source of pain, injury and disease by getting at the origin of the issue. TIYT is perfect for chronic pain and injuries, anxiety, depression, digestive issues and so much more.  TIYT also stands upon the premise of "Do No Harm", meaning that all sessions move forward with the awareness of not triggering a client and the possibility that with anyone, trauma may be present.

Elements of TIYT

In TIYT sessions, Lakshmi uses a combination of:

Safe and Sound Protocol

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Co-meditation Dyads

Structural Yoga Therapy 

Foundations of TIYT:

1. Pain, injury, and disease are quite often a result of past trauma, repressed emotions, and stress that we could not process at the time and instead stored the experience deeply in our body.

2. In order to heal, we need to address the past held patterns in a compassionate and gentle way.

3. As a part of the healing process, we work to reprogram our minds and nervous systems into a more balanced state through movement, breathing, meditation, yoga nidra, time in nature, visualization, and connecting to our inner most selves.

4. TIYT addresses imbalances in every level of being: physical, breath and energetic, mental and emotional, and spiritual. Imbalances or trauma in any one of theses levels effects the entire being. To truly heal, we have address all aspects of ourselves.

5. TIYT is perfect for depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, cancer, high blood pressure/heart disease, palliative care, migraines, digestive issues and much more.

6. Quite often those who are Highly Sensitive People or empaths struggle more with trauma, pain, and how to function in a world that feels very harsh and overwhelming. We take time with these individuals to educate them as to how to process sensory experience, how to develop their gifts, all while living a grounded and compassionate life.

All yoga therapy sessions are performed by Lakshmi Om, Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, Certified TIYT. Sessions are 60 minutes privately in person or on Zoom.

Private Sessions $130 for 60 minutes $150 for 90 minutes. In-person and online sessions are available Friday-Sunday. Gift Certificates can be purchased at

Please make sure to sign up for either online or in person when you register.