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Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy with Lakshmi Om          

Services offered online and in person at 160 MacGregor Pines Dr Suite 301 Cary Integrative Health Cary NC 27511
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Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy is a holistic practice designed to bring balance into the body on the physical, breath, mind, emotions, and spirit levels. TIYT is rooted in yoga as well as neuropsychology, stress physiology, and medical biophysics. TIYT works to treat the source of pain, injury and disease by getting at the origin of the issue. TIYT is perfect for chronic pain and injuries, anxiety, depression, digestive issues and so much more.  TIYT also stands upon the premise of "Do No Harm", meaning that all sessions move forward with the awareness of not triggering a client and the possibility that with anyone, trauma may be present.

Elements of TIYT

In TIYT sessions, Lakshmi uses a combination of:

Safe and Sound Protocol

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Co-meditation Dyads

Structural Yoga Therapy 

Foundations of TIYT:

1. Pain, injury, and disease are quite often a result of past trauma, repressed emotions, and stress that we could not process at the time and instead stored the experience deeply in our body.

2. In order to heal, we need to address the past held patterns in a compassionate and gentle way.

3. As a part of the healing process, we work to reprogram our minds and nervous systems into a more balanced state through movement, breathing, meditation, yoga nidra, time in nature, visualization, and connecting to our inner most selves.

4. TIYT addresses imbalances in every level of being: physical, breath and energetic, mental and emotional, and spiritual. Imbalances or trauma in any one of theses levels effects the entire being. To truly heal, we have address all aspects of ourselves.

5. TIYT is perfect for depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, cancer, high blood pressure/heart disease, palliative care, migraines, digestive issues and much more.

6. Quite often those who are Highly Sensitive People or empaths struggle more with trauma, pain, and how to function in a world that feels very harsh and overwhelming. We take time with these individuals to educate them as to how to process sensory experience, how to develop their gifts, all while living a grounded and compassionate life.

All yoga therapy sessions are performed by Lakshmi Om, Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, Certified TIYT. Sessions are 60 minutes privately in person or on Zoom.

Private Sessions $100 for 60 minutes Please make sure to sign up for either online or in person when you register.

Safe and Sound Protocol


The Safe and Sound Protocol was developed by Dr Stephen Porges, a professor in the department of psychiatry at UNC Chapel Hill. SSP is based upon his Polyvagal Theory which holds that we have three different states that our autonomic nervous system moves through: social and connected, fight or flight, freeze and faint. How much time we spend in each depends on many factors and influences all of our daily functions such as digestion, muscle tension, cognitive processing, social connection, sleep, and the ability to feel safe. The Safe and Sound Protocol consists of a total of 5 hours of listening to computer altered music that exercises and dramatically improves the functioning of the polyvagal system. What this means is that after the program we can feel safer, connected, in control of our reactions and triggers, more relaxed and grounded, and less stuck in harmful patterns of fear and depression. SSP is perfect for those with PTSD or who have experienced trauma in the past, those who struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, TBI, attention or sensory processing issues, digestion issues, insomnia, and even chronic physical issues that just won’t go away. It literally pulls stress, trauma, and tension out of the nervous system.

SSP is a total of 5 hours of listening, broken up into sections of usually 30 minutes each. Each time we meet, we spend an hour together working on self-regulation exercises, sensory awareness practices, breathing, and movement, in addition to the listening portion of the session. Clients leave with practical exercises for self-regulation, grounding, self-care and a greater awareness of their own internal state and how to regulate it rather than be at the mercy of it.

SSP sessions may be done in person or remotely via Zoom. We generally have between 3 and 4 sessions a week, so the whole program takes between 2 to 3 weeks to complete. It may be repeated in the future for further progress if desired.

Please register for a free preliminary consultation before beginning in this program. Choose Consultation in the Book Now menu. 

Special introductory prices: $770 for whole series or $70 per session. This is a limited time offer.

Please make sure to sign up for either online or in person when you register.

For more information about The Safe and Sound Protocol and how it can help you, please watch this video from Unyte iLs Safe and Sounds Protocol Video

Precautions/Considerations/Contraindications for SSP:

Each client is considered on an individual basis. If any of the following are present, the provider may recommend waiting to do the SSP until a later date.

  • Experience of uncontrolled seizures
  • Taking antipsychotic drugs
  • Diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder
  • Demonstration of self-harm and/or suicidal behaviors


trauma-informed yoga group class


In this class, Lakshmi leads the group through a gentle/level 1 trauma-informed yoga sequence designed to calm and balance the nervous system, move out of stress, anxiety, depression, or fear, and move into calm, centered, grounded, and present awareness. Care it taken to remove triggering poses, words, props, and there is no music. This class is open to everyone of all levels and experiences. Class size is limited to allow for connection, personal attention, and safety.

There are many, many practices in yoga that naturally and automatically balance our nervous system. Lakshmi uses the Polyvagal Theory and principles of trauma-informed yoga therapy to move the class safely into a state of calm connection. This is where healing can happen. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and their capacity in each part of class. This class is about listening to the messages of our bodies and not forcing ourselves into something that does not feel natural or right for us. Students are encouraged to explore their somatic awareness, sensations with an open and curious mind grounded in compassion. Built upon the foundation of yoga, that within all beings and all of creation is a infinite wisdom we can all access, this class is so much more than stretching or strengthening.  Students leave feeling refreshed, cared for, centered, and with plenty of tools to use on their own to help them overcome triggers and move them out of anxiety or depression.

This class is currently not available. 




The pelvic floor is a grouping of three layers of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis between the pubic bone, tailbone, and the sitting bones. They provide support for the hips, pelvic organs, sacrum (and thus the spine), and when healthy give a sense of strength, confidence, groundedness, and safety. When they are not functioning properly, meaning they are too tight, too weak, too loose or a combination of all of these, we can have pelvic pain, hip pain, tailbone pain, incontinence, constipation, hemorrhoids, painful intercourse and menstruation, and chronic tension through the diaphragm, shoulders, jaw and head.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can come from structural imbalances, physical and/or emotional trauma, poor posture and sitting habits, the wrong shoes, and repressed thoughts and emotions. Trauma informed pelvic floor yoga therapy builds together the powerful healing work of releasing trauma through self-regulation, the Safe and Sound Protocol, and compassionate and aware yoga therapy to get at the source of the dysfunction, not just the symptoms. This transformative work is available to both men and women and can be done in person or via Zoom.  Pelvic floor yoga therapy is excellent as a precursor to PT or after PT to integrate the work into the entire body.

60 minute session $100 Please make sure to sign up for either online or in person when you register. 


Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Workshops Coming Soon!

Overcoming Anxiety    2 hours 10am-12pm Dates TBD  $50

Finding Your Inner Resource   2 hours 10am-12pm Dates TBD $50

Tools for Flourishing as a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath  4 hours 10am-2pm Dates TBD $100

Overcome Clinic  8 Weeks, 90 minute sessions once a week 12 hours total Dates TBD (For more information see our Overcome Clinics page).

Overcome Check-in and Challenge 1 hour weekly Dates TBD $20

Trauma, Repression and Disease  3 hours 10am-1pm Dates TBD $75

Holistic Stress Management   3 hours 10am-1pm Dates TBD $75

If you are experiencing something and you are not sure if Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy is for you, know that TIYT is designed to help most issues, as long as you are ready to work towards your own healing. Please feel free to email us and we'll be happy to answer any questions.